Robert Grew Instagram

Robert Grew is a professional photographer specialising in skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering and rock climbing. Robert is based in Manchester, UK and has spent much of his life climbing in the Peak District, Lake District and Wales.

Three years ago, Robert was diagnosed with thyroid cancer which, although now fortunately removed, has meant he must take daily medication to manage his condition. This period of ill health led him to vow to do more of the things he loves and since then he has climbed and skied an impressive array of Alpine routes. He has now turned his focus further afield and plans to explore the Rocky Mountains, the Alaska Range and the Himalayas – a list which continues to grow.

Robert balances his outdoor activities with a career as a Civil Engineer, making the absolute most of every weekend with frequent trips to the Mont Blanc Massif and other short-haul locations. It’s safe to say he feels at home in a bivi as much as in his own bed!

As a photographer, Robert is often required to carry a heavy selection of cameras and lenses on the mountains. He typically uses Canon cameras and Canon L-Series lenses. He believes that fitness is key to being able to keep up with the athletes and move around the landscape shooting from difficult angles without slowing the team down.

Check out some of his shots below and his incredible instagram account here!