Georgia started Climbing aged 7 at a local climbing centre in South Molton in North Devon and started wearing hearing aids aged 9. At 14 she joined Mikey Cleverdon's High Performance Climbing Squad at The Quay Climbing Centre, Exeter.

Georgia Pilkington Para Climber

At the age of 16, Georgia competed in BMC Para Climbing Series for the Hearing Impaired category, won all three rounds. She has competed for the last 2 years and is British Deaf Climbing Champion. Together with Suzi Rees, another deaf climber, she has set up 'Deaf Climbing UK' which is a charity designed to promote 'Inclusive Climbing' for Deaf Climbers generating awareness within climbing centres on the needs of deaf climbers and offering training, BSL training cards and taster sessions at participating centres for deaf people to have a go at climbing.

Recently, Georgia was formally diagnosed with Autism. Georgia struggles hugely with social anxiety and other sensory issues. Together with her deafness, she has struggled with bullying and exclusion from her peers, at school especially. Georgia has found solace and purpose in her climbing and this is her main focus in life. She has found the climbing community to be fun, welcoming and inclusive. When she climbs she is transported!

Georgia has climbed the Matterhorn as part of the 'Autism At Height' challenge, and has also topped the Old Man of Stoer.