Eugenie Lee

Age - 17

Years climbing – 8


Eugenie Lee is a 17 year old rock climber from London. She started climbing when she was 9 years old at the castle climbing centre where she was picked out to be part of their competition squad. At the age of 11 she started competing and by 13 was selected for the British climbing team, since then she has competed nationally and internationally in bouldering events such as the youth British championships, British championships, blokfest, European youth cups and the world youth championships.

She has just recently come back from competing at the world youth championships in Innsbruck, Austria where she managed to come 21st in bouldering and 39th in lead.

Originally she competed in only bouldering but recently opened up to leading and speed too. This year she has also dabbled in trad and sport climbing in the U.K. and Spain and wish to continue to increase my outdoor experience.

Between studying for her A-Levels Eugenie likes to cram in as much climbing as possible and has her sights set on being selected for the GB climbing team.


  • European youth cup in Sofia, Bulgaria 2017 - 13th (female youth a)
  • World youth climbing championships in Innsbruck, Austria 2017 - 21st bouldering, 39th lead (female youth a)
  • World youth climbing championships in Arco, Italy 2015 - 20th (female youth b)


  • Junior British bouldering championships at the depot, Manchester 2017 - 2nd (female youth a)
  • Youth open at Oakwood 2017 - 2nd (female youth a)


  • Sitting bull 7c - Apremont, Fontainbleau
  • Magifix 7a - Fontainbleau
  • Beetlejuice 7a+ - Cuisiniere Franchard, Fontainbleau
  • Rock atrocity 7c - Parisellas cave, Wales

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