Helmets for snowsports continued to feature heavily in the media this past winter with much debate about mandatory usage. We’re not about to tell you that you must wear a helmet, but we are going to show you a range which will make that decision much easier.

We have something for everyone, from freeriders to park rats, price conscious first-timers to glamour queens; there are different fits, colours and sizes from extra-small right the way to double extra-large. Each one has its European and American safety tickets and each one has been through a rigorous vetting procedure. And with the latest construction and design, helmets are lighter, more comfortable and better ventilated than ever before.

Adult prices start at £55 so if you’re thinking of using one don’t bother renting – there’s no guarantee they’ll be available, the shape may be wrong for you and do you really want to use a helmet that’s been on so many other sweaty heads?

Helmets may not be the answer for everybody or provide unlimited protection, but they can make a difference and for that reason we encourage their use. They’re not just for experts or beginners, anyone who wants to maximise their safety on the hill should consider one. If you need some advice, come into one of our stores, talk through the options with our staff and try some on, you'll be surprised how light, comfortable and affordable they are.



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