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Abbie Montgomery

Abbie started snowboarding over 11 years ago and has been snowboarding every year since, mostly with people that like to hang out in the powder for most of the day. She has started to find her feet more in park over recent years and has helped family and friends find their feet on piste too. She loves to share her love of the sport with people who then find out they love it as much as she does.

She once dressed up as a penguin for a university trip and accidentally slipped down a red run on her front. Apparently, the GoPro footage was erased immediately.

Favourite Place:

Courchevel where the three valleys lift pass offers a fun challenge to see how much she can complete in a day. "It does mean you end up racing to catch all the last lifts back over but you do feel like you've really got the most out of the day."

abbie montgomery snowboarding