Mountain Equipment Store, Deansgate, Manchester

Mountain Equipment StoreWe are pleased to announce the opening of the world's first Mountain Equipment Store in Manchester City Centre. The store delivers an unrivalled range of clothing and accessories from this leading UK brand. Click here for our Mountain Equipment product page.

  • Nick Day - Store Manager

    Camping Expert


    Nick started camping at the age of 10 in the Pennines, enjoying from an early age the natural beauty that surrounds his home town of Hebden Bridge. Since then he gets out on at least one camping trip per month, and enjoys wild camping and bivvying across the whole of the UK.

    From campsites to cliff edges, Nick has a good knowledge of the best places to camp and bivvy in the natural beauty spots in North Wales, the Lakes and the Scottish Highlands, so if you’re planning a camping trip in the UK, come in for a chat.

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Little Loch Broom, NW Scotland. "Just an incredible spot. My fiancée and I camped there and watched the sunset while a herd of deer went roamed around. Spectacular."

  • Nat Jones

    Travel Expert


    Expert globetrotter Nat had his first taste for travel as a young lad when his family would house-exchange, swapping their UK home for Canada’s West Coast. He has journeyed throughout much of North America, from the mighty Yosemite through to Wisconsin, Indiana and Kentucky.

    With the seed of wanderlust firmly planted, Nat went on to study Marine Biology at university - a degree he has used to take him around the world, from Mexico to the Antipodes. He has spent time freediving in Bermuda and has worked on Dolphin observation boats in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty.

    Not content with just boarding flights, Nat is now learning to fly in his spare time – a hobby that will certainly add a new dimension to his travels. This year he will also be focussing on his other hobby, cycling, and with some big rides in planned.

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Gibson Beach, California. "Gibson beach has such an amazing vibe, it has to be one of the most chilled places I have ever been to."