Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, Bristol

Our Bristol store sells all ranges and brands, with some seasonal variation, so ski and snowboarding clothing and equipment are available from September to April. Bristol ShopThe store also has a ski and snowboard servicing workshop, which can get quite busy in the height of the season so make sure you book in advance. It’s located on Whiteladies road, just outside the city centre, in between Bristol and Clifton.

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  • Andi Bundai - Store Manager

    Climbing Expert

    Store: BRISTOL

    Andi started climbing as a child in Urkut - a large gorge in her home country of Hungary - before having a break for a few years and starting again in earnest around 2 years ago.

    She visits local climbing spots like the Avon and Cheddar Gorges as often as possible, but also loves the fact that the The Climbing Academy is based in Bristol, where she goes twice a week to scale the indoor walls.

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Portland by Weymouth. “Portland just really has everything as well as being one of the prettiest sights in the South-West.”

  • Rachel Beasley

    Snowboarding Expert

    Store: BRISTOL

    Rachel started snowboarding over 5 years ago, and since then has completed a season in Morzine. She originally learnt to board on the dry slope in Gloucester, and now gets out to the real snow at least once a season.

    Recently she went to Colorado for a backcountry trip with snowboarding brand ‘Dragon’, thanks to winning an Ellis Brigham competition. Rachel particularly likes riding fast mountain slopes and snow parks.

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Portes du Soleil in Morzine. “I’d always go back to Morzine. You can’t beat it for size and variety. There is a run to suit everyone, from beginner to expert, and there is some really good off-piste terrain, especially if you’re prepared to hike. Nothing beats a nice cold Mutzig either after a day on the mountain. However, if I got the chance to go back to Colorado, it would be a no-brainer.”