Rock climbing is all about footwork. That’s why choosing a pair of rock shoes may be the most important move a climber ever makes. Our extensive range of climbing shoes covers every style of rock climb and every level of climber, from the fresh beginner to the seasoned pro.

We have top end technical models ready to help send that super-hard problem and comfort oriented climbing shoes ideal for long days on multi-pitch routes as well as genuine all-rounders that will perform on any climb. We know that the most crucial requirement is not the brand, but getting the right fit. Toes should rest snugly against the end of the shoe, adopting a semi-crimped position that can exert power on thin edges and therefore help you climb with more precision.

However, it’s a compromise between performance and comfort so make sure you don’t fit rock climbing shoes too tight – otherwise your feet will suffer and so will your climbing. Bear in mind that sizing varies significantly between brands, but also between different models from the same brands. We recommend that you visit a store to try on several different models and get the perfect fit.





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