Choosing a snowboard binding can be overlooked when people are buying new kit. Most spend an age checking out all the boards and then the same trying on boots, after that the binding gets chosen generally because it’s a good colour match for the board. But that approach does a huge disservice to what really is one of the most important parts of your snowboard set up.

This straightforward bit of plastic is 100% responsible for delivering the contact from the rider direct to the board, get this slightly wrong and that link is broken. So no matter how careful you were in choosing the rest of your kit, it won’t be working efficiently and this leads to poor performance.

When you choose a binding take into account what snowboard it will be fitted on, how responsive you want it to be and what type of snowboarding you will be doing. In our descriptions for each binding we have a technical spec section, but first read our binding technical glossary to help you understand the performance characteristics of the binding.





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