If you snowboard then you know how important it is to get the right boots. If you’re new to snowboarding then this will be your most important purchase. Please note; we recommend coming in to one of our stores to try snowboard boots on before you buy, so that our expert staff can help you make the right choice, find the boots that suit your feet and riding style, and fit them expertly to your feet.

But for now, bear these very important guidelines in mind when buying snowboard boots:

• Put aside some time for trying on, and avoid coming in just before we close then buying the first pair you see.

• Different brands all offer a slightly different fit and style, and even different models of the same brand change in width or flex.

• Just because you’re a size 9 in your work shoes doesn’t mean you’re a 9 in every snowboard boot. To be sure we’ll measure your feet professionally in store.

When you’re in an Ellis Brigham store we will have a look at the shape of your foot. Is it wide? Do you have a high instep? Our experienced staff will give you a pointer on which boots to look at first.

What kind of boot should you buy? You need a boot that reflects your riding style and compliments the rest of your set up. A very soft boot inside a very stiff binding is to be avoided in our opinion. If you’re just learning you may prefer a gentler, easier ride. If you ride fast or need good ankle support you may prefer a stiffer boot. But at the end of the day it’s best to have a chat with us, try on different boots and get them expertly fitted to your feet; you will notice the difference when your snowboard boots are performing well.





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