We aim to supply simply the best mountain gear available. Outdoor wear, fleece and softshell styles will layer up to shield you from torrential rain and cutting windchill, offering maximum versatility on the hill. Perfect for year-round use in unpredictable British mountain weather and full-on alpine storms. So from Ben Nevis to Mont Blanc, our mountain clothing will see you to the summit.

Designed for steep and rugged terrain, mountain footwear offers the support you need for mountaineering and year-round mountain walking. Sturdy construction and premium materials deliver all-weather performance. Himalayan summits, alpine peaks, Scottish winter climbs and snowy Lakeland fells are all within reach with crampon-compatible Mountain boots.

The vertical aspirations of mountaineers and climbers put specific demands on a pack, and those in this category have been outfitted accordingly. Lightweight, very strong, and adaptable mountain packs will securely carry your tools while maintaining streamlined profiles for unencumbered ascents. From lofty alpine peaks to your local crag, these packs will support your on-going battle with gravity!

Designed to cope with the harshest conditions imaginable our mountaineering tents will let you sit out the fiercest storms. Constructed from incredibly strong but lightweight materials, their designs will shrug off snow and strong winds that would destroy lesser tents.